Leakage of urine is a common side effect after being treated for prostate cancer,TURP or bladder cancer

  • Symptoms include uncontrolled leakage and dribbling of urine, decreased or no sensation to urinate , small or no stream of urine
  • Patients are forced to use diapers and pads to prevent soiling of the underwear as well as outer wear.
  • Severe anxiety and possibly depression about the inability to control urination
  • Skin care issues and discomfort while using the pads and diapers
  • Dehydration due to decreased consumption of fluids as the perception is that if they drink anything then they will have increased leakage of urine

Our approach:

  • Comprehensive evaluation to identify the cause for leakage which may be weak PFM, Muscle fatigue, Detrusor or bladder muscle instability , use of bladder irritants
  • Extensive education about normal and abnormal urine voiding patterns including anatomy and physiology of the bladder , prostate, pelvic floor muscle, nerve supply and the urinary system .
  • A customized treatment plan to alleviate the symptoms of leakage and
  • A multipronged approach including electrical stimulation, Biofeedback, Nutritional guidelines, Kegels and other pelvic floor exercises to increase endurance, Behavior strategies and body mechanics


GOAL: To have a healthy, normal, active lifestyle without scouting for bathrooms, pads and diapers , UTI’s , skin issues and consume as much fluids as desired without fear of leakage of urine. Pt will have normal sensation to urinate and will be able to void in the toilet. The stream will be strong and straight without splattering around the toilet.