Vanita became interested in pelvic floor rehabilitation after she experienced episodes of leakage of urine and pelvic pain following a traumatic and prolonged labor during her first pregnancy.

Initially, she only treated females in her clinic but soon after opening she was approached by an energetic 64-year old gentleman who pleaded with her to treat him for incontinence. He was so distraught about his condition, stating it was unfair that nobody treated men for urinary incontinence. Vanita agreed and decided to take him in as a patient.

Within only eight weeks, he recovered completely and was able to return to full time work. Thus began Vanita’s passion for and unique expertise in treating males with urinary incontinence and leakage.

Vanita’s vision since then has been to be a beacon of hope for anyone suffering from urinary or fecal leakage, pelvic pain, and constipation. Vanita’s mission is to assist as many people as possible live a normal and anxiety-free life without the stigma of leaking in public or making sure that a bathroom is constantly available.

Because of Vanita’s passion for addressing leakage in males and females alike, she is able to provide excellent and unparalleled outcomes to her patients. She thoroughly evaluates each of her patients, determines the causative factors contributing to their leakage, pain, or constipation, and then completely personalizes their care plan.

Doctors highly recommend Vanita’s Rehab and patients seek her practice out because of its reputation of doing what is best for the patient - no exceptions. She has treated more than 2,000 patients including well-known physicians & engineers as well as military personnel since she lives in the Space Coast of Florida. From Denver to Delhi, patients and their loved ones call Vanita’s Rehab to get the best care.

Vanita wrote the book, Life after Prostatectomy and Other Urological Surgeries: 10 Weeks from Incontinence to Continence, which is available on Amazon and has helped thousands of patients and their loved ones learn how to overcome incontinence & leakage. In order to help even more people, she is working on follow-up books as well as a video series that explains her treatment methods.

Vanita lives in Melbourne Beach, Florida with her husband, Dr. Mukesh Gaglani. She enjoys reading, gardening, and spending time with her friends. Her other passion is learning about and trading on the stock market. Her daughter, Dr. Anushka Gaglani, is the owner of TruBlue Dental which runs several dental clinics in Chicago, and her son, Shiv Gaglani, is the co-founder & CEO of