Patient Testimonials

Here are some stories from past patients

Dear Vanita, I want you to know how much I appreciate the hard work and expertise you applied when treating my urinary leakage problem. When I first came to you last month I was experiencing serious urinary leaking requiring the use of a half dozen pads or more a day. Pads were becoming quite soaked after exercise or outside yard work. I was awakening and going to the bathroom three+ times every night. The exercises you utilized and prescribed for me did the trick, and when your program ended I was using no pads at all ( even after exercise and work), and was sleeping through the night uninterrupted once or twice a week. I will continue the Kegel exercises and correct even that! You were so kind and patient, which meant a great deal to me. Keep up the good work, and again you have my sincere thanks! Arthur


Dear Vanita, I am writing this letter in appreciation of the services you offered me . When I came to you for therapy, I was extremely upset about the fact that I could not make it to the bathroom. At the same time I was extremely embarrassed. When I saw you for the first session you put me at ease immediately, listened to my issues and explained to me how we are going to proceed with my plan of care. I appreciate the time you spent with me one on one without another pt unlike other therapy place where the therapist treats 2-3 pt's at the same time I am pleased to let you know that I am continent of urine at this time. I only wake up once in the night. I still have occasional fecal incontinence but not enough to bother me. Also one of my problems was severe constipation which has now resolved with the therapy, behavior strategies and nutritional aspects that you taught me. I have already informed my physician about how pleased I am with the therapy, I received, your kindness and I also want you to know that I recommend your services to everybody I know.  As you are aware many of us have the same problem Thank You again Vanita Sincerely Isabel


Thank you for all you have done for me. I will always remember your kind heart and giving spirit. Friends Always, Lois


I moved to Palm Bay Florida November 2009. During the time I've been a Florida resident I have been a patient of Dr. Joe O Littlejohn Md. March of this year Dr. Littlejohn referred me to Vanita's Rehab for bladder therapy. This therapy has been a great help in maintaining the quality of my life functions. It was previously suggested I have the interstion device inserted into my body, thus requiring surgury. I was hesitant to have this procedure not knowing if my body would accept this device, or the possibility of the device causing additional problems. The treatment I received at Vanita's has prevented the need for the surgery at this time. This terapy has been very beneficial for my bladder functions and my quality of life. Yours Truly, Margaret


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