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Males suffer from a number of issues involving the pelvic floor. Unfortunately they also suffer silently because they are often unsure that anyone will help them or if they can be helped at all. Most think only women have these issues as do many of the medical professionals who treat them. In addition they grunt and bear stoically all issues because they think it is unmanly to express how much they suffer from pain. They are also unable to recognize that the pain is being caused by muscle spasms and hypertonic pelvic muscles. There are resources available for them including pelvic floor physical but they do not know how to proceed.

Good, strong, healthy and relaxed pelvic floor muscles result in optimal contraction and working of the muscles. Pain in the pelvic area is caused due to a variety of reasons including muscle spasms, Positive trigger points in the pelvic floor as well as the SI joint, back, hip abductors, connective tissue restriction, and ligaments tightening.

  1. CPS: also known as chronic prostate pain. Mostly unrecognized by the medical professionals, patients are given the diagnosis of Prostatitis even though there is no evidence of bacterial infection. Later this diagnosis is translated to chronic non bacterial prostatitis.
  2. CPPS: Chronic Pelvic Floor Pain: This is caused by a spasm in the pelvic floor muscles. Spasm may be due to various reasons, like back pain, abdominal pain, hip pain. Spasm causes pain, which results in increased muscles spasm, resulting in pain. It then becomes a vicious cycle.
  3. BOO: Bladder Outlet Obstruction resulting in slow or pain urination, frequency and urgency.
  4. Penile Pain: Pain in the penis which can also be attributed to a number of causes including spasm of the pelvic floor due to entrapment of the pudendal nerve, increased stress and tension. Pain can be relieved by trigger point therapy , soft tissue massage, relaxation, behavior modification.
  5. ED: Erectile Dysfunction, mostly caused by weak pelvic floor muscles. Muscle weakness can occur secondary to a number of issues including chronic fatigue, chronic pain, other medical conditions. The bulbocavernous and the Ischiocavernous are the main muscles responsible for an erection. When the bulbocavernous contracts it presses on the dorsal penile vein,thereby preventing the blood from escaping.If the muscle is weak, the contraction is not as strong resulting in the blood escaping. This then causes a partial erection or flaccid penis.
  6. PE: Premature Ejaculation is again caused by weak pelvic floor muscles. Because of weakness a contraction cannot be sustained and hence premature ejaculation occurs.
  7. Scrotal or Testicular Pain: Pain in the testicles and scrotum will result in muscle spasm of the pelvic floor and also the perineum. It will also result in pain in the hip adductors. This is also known as referred pain.
  8. OAB: Overactive Bladder including frequency and urgency is prevalent in males as well as females.

TREATMENT: includes Myofascial release, neuromuscular reeducation, soft as well as deep tissue massage, muscle strengthening, relaxation, behavior therapy, Trigger point release and cross fiber manipulation among others. Please see the treatment section for details.

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