Health Topic: Pre and Post Partum Therapy

Several changes occur in the body during pregnancy in preparation for the birth of a child. First and foremost are hormonal changes which then result in ligament and joint relaxation and laxity .At the same times several musculoskeletal problems occur resulting in pain and discomfort

Prepartum physical therapy during pregnancy can alleviate some of these conditions

One of the most common issue that arises during pregnancy is back pain. This can result in decreased mobility, postural problems as well severe discomfort in lying down, standing or sitting. Additional issues during pregnancy are Pelvic pain, sciatica, diastasis rectii, Pubic pain, urinary problems among others

Physical therapy is useful during and after pregnancy because it teaches one optimal positions and posture to address those issues .In addition breathing techniques can reduce pelvic floor pain . Gentle flexibility and core strengthening exercises help maintain muscle as well as joint flexibility resulting in easier birth .

About six to eight weeks after delivery physical therapy can assist in addressing issues such back and pelvic pain, as well as improving posture ,flexibility ,strength and endurance

In addition at Vanitas Rehab issues such as pelvic floor pain, pressure,urinary urgency and frequency, leakage of urine as well as fecal leakage , pelvic pressure are treated as high priority so you can return to your normal lifestyle

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