Learned behavior – normal and abnormal consequences

I have been having the amazing opportunity this beach holiday to partake in the wonderful pleasure of just pure observing- observing the development of new behaviours. When my kids were little – we loved […]

Water and Stroke

People who aren’t well-hydrated when they have a stroke are about four times more likely to have a worse outcome than people who’ve had more fluids, a new study suggests. […]

Weight and Incontinence

July 21, 2015

Besides all the other health benefits of maintaining a healthy weight, women who are obese and suffering from incontinence are advised to lose weight through a balanced diet and exercise […]

The Smartphone Physical: The evolution of the checkup

Imagine a comprehensive, clinically relevant well-patient checkup using only smartphone-based devices. The data is immediately readable and fully uploadable to an electronic health record. The patient understands – and even […]

Cycling and the Prostate

July 2, 2015

There have been multiple studies and articles on the  effects of bicycling on the prostate. Like any other exercise or activity if done in moderation with appropriate gear and precautions […]

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