About Vanita’s Rehab

Erectile Dysfunction, TURP, Urinary/Fecal leakage following treatment of Prostate Cancer, Overactive Bladder, Interstitial Cystitis, Constipation, Pelvic Floor Pain, Cystocoele, Rectocoele. These are some of the conditions treated by Vanita Gaglani, one of Brevard’s most experienced therapists at her clinic Vanitas Rehab.

Treatment is individualized to the person, resulting in excellent outcome. Her referrals are made by her patients and MD’s who are cognizant of the fact that their patients will get the best treatment in her capable hands.

After patients see the success in their treatment, they all say how initially they were totally skeptical but were glad that they followed their doctors advice and came to see her. Vanita has treated more than 1500 patients with the above conditions and has patients who come from Vero Beach, Titusville, Cape Canaveral to see her.

Come and see for yourself how being treated by Vanita can change your life.

Vanita is now a certified health coach and is available for one on one health coaching in the comfort of your home via Skype. Her username is VanitasRehab.

Are you embarrassed about suffering from overactive bladder/constipation/fecal incontinence. Do you scout for bathrooms, are you  afraid to consume fluids ,drink water. Are you  afraid of going on trips because your anxiety levels increase in case there are no restrooms available? Do you think that you are old and this is a part of old age and nothing can help? Contact Vanita now and holistically and naturally get rid of the  above issues either by making an appointment at her clinic and working with her or via skype in the privacy of your own home .

Get rid of Pads, diapers, expensive medications like Vesicare and Miralax. Live Life to your fullest without being held hostage to your bladder and Bowels. Meet with Vanita for a free 15 minute consultation and see how your life can change forever.

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