CrossFit asks “Do You Pee During Workouts?” We’ve Got Answers

Sooo….this happened. . Female CrossFit athletes happily declaring that they pee during a workout. A Gynecologist offers her medical advice “It’s OK to pee during double-unders!”. You can even get a t-shirt now in case you want to let folks know who may have missed the viral video. Peeing during a workout was offered as a badge of honor, a sign of intensity.

Many of my colleagues have written blog pieces (and here) in hopes of reaching the CrossFit community to say….peeing on yourself while working out isn’t a good thing, consider other measures proving intensity and your athleticism, please let us help, and it really doesn’t have to be that way. The message: You can workout and not leak. The proof: There ARE women who do CrossFit and other forms of high level fitness that do not leak.

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